After years 20….in year 2020….

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How to spend spare times which gives you pleasure, removes rust from the mind…and give you creativity……

I will suggest go with your hobbies……

Like everyday that day also  outside after the meditation class all the ladies clan were gathered and started chit chat. 

Out of habits all were exchanging ideas, new experiences, new learning and all.

This is the usual daily scenario we all ladies clan use to share what we learnt or any new thing.

Hu hu hu ha ha ha….. so chilled January evening it was……..
We all were packed ourselves with sweater, socks, shawal, wollen topies and different wollen clothes to protect with chilled cold weather.

During all these chit-chat session my eyes claps on a wonderful wollen socks worn  by Kajal( one of memeber of ladies meditation group ).
It was looking so awesome and cozy that I couldn’t stop myself to asked about.

Where did you get it from dear????
She smiled….

It is hand made………
I got amazed.
Oh I see…
Very beautiful indeed!!!

During that listening our conversation everyone’s attention got stuck on that socks worn by Kajal.

Oh O….really nice one….

Everybody started appreciating.

Out of my habit and curiosity I asked her..

 Do you know how to make this???

In answer she blinked her eyes simply.
Oh very good then ( I whispered).

Can you teach me this??

Oh why not sure I’ll be….she replied.

Keen to learn always a new things……..

What I needed the material is some wool and a pair of knitting Needle…my mind started imagining….  

“Oh god !! 

would I be able to do this ???”

Why this question” ? Hmmm

Because it had been almost twenty years I left knitting…..but still kept all my knitting material somewhere……….. not thrown out.

Thinking all these in mind was feeling excitement too.

Now the time to say bye  as it was almost evening and gradually getting dark outside. So after all chit-chat session we all ladies clan took leave for that day with a promise to meet the next day.

I came home with full of thinking and excitement. As I reached home without delaying I started searching the knitting material with very enthusiasm.

At Last after some times of striving got one bag …..Aha got it….. I was full of energy and happy because I got that wool bag. 

The next day as per our routine we all gathered for our meditation class.

But today I was eagerly awaiting for finishing over the class….My eyes were wide opened up……….  Ah class end now I can meet to Kajal for my new learning. She herself came near to me and asked for the material if I brought or not.

I shown her the wool and the needles.

Okay…she said fine now we can start with these materials. 

As it had been almost twenty years I had leftover knitting work and not in touch…so was thinking…how would I be able to do it ??

I asked Kajal to start making socks. Meanwhile

rest of the ladies all around us started watching what is happening here.

Some started laughing on me saying what all… in these days who are wearing handmade…… And why you are bothering yourself.

Better can buy from market place.

As many mouths as many suggestions….

But here I wanted to learn something.

It’s all about hobbies too. Hobby alway give us energy and joy as these activities we choose by ourselves and not by force. It gives unseen happiness, concentration of mind and mood refreshments along with the learnings.
Anyway after all obstacles race she started knitting and I keenly observing and listening her instructions.

Now she gave me wool and needles and taught me the way of knitting.

I took the needles and started knitting…

Wow! Amazing I can do it!  Sudden I shouted….

Oh very good! Kajal appreciated me.

Now this took everyone’s attention towards me.

All started saying Wah!!! 

 Kya baat hai tumhe to aata hai !!!

I didn’t say anything because until and unless made it up I cannot say that yes I know.

I started knitting and remembered my childhood days, I had learnt knitting from my mother when I was in class 3rd or 4th.

I remembered the days when my mother knitt sweaters for us and I used to irritate her to teach me how to knit. 

One day my mother gave me some wool and two needles and taught me simply how to knitt.

I felt very interesting and started knitting day and night untill I learnt.

The next day my mother had seen and said okay good you got how to knitting

Now you can learn any design.

Oh!!!  I was very happy and how from then my knitting journey started. I knitted many varieties from wool. 

In this way I learnt crochet from one of our neighbour didi. I made shawl and small small household things from crochet work.

And now it has been after twenty years I didn’t forget what my mother taught to me.

Remembering all those golden periods after two days I had been finished up my socks knitting. 

With lots of energy the next day we all ladie met in meditation centre.

I shown my socks to everyone. They all asked me to wear. As I wore everybody started laughing at me as the socks was too loose and not at all  fitting in the foot properly. 

It was little unpleasant behaviour from my colleagues. But never mind I set my mind very cool and determinant.

I came home, after finishing my household chores I again took the wool and needles and started from the beginning process.

This time I was little alert. I made required rectification and after two days finished it up.

Again curious about the my knitting, after finishing touch I wore the socks.

Amazing!!! Fantastic fitted it was.

Wow! Very nice  I was murmuring.

Next day again all my colleagues seen the wool socks and they also astonished this time.

All gave me a clap in the appreciation. Now those who laughed at me they were also watching the socks with widened eyes.

It was like my triumph and motivation for others also.

That day I learnt one thing that learning from mother and hobbies never dies. 

I knitted more two and gave to a helper aunty.

She was happy and blessed me with full of heart.

Thanks to Kajal who taught me this beautiful thing so simply and effortless.

I always learnt from my parents that we should never give up…

Wheather it is hobby or life’s good or bad situations or any exams alway till the end fight for….They taught us to believe in hard work and Karma.

From now I’ve decided that every year I’ll make 2-4 pairs or more of socks and would donate to the needi peoples.

“मानव सेवा ही मानव सेवा है”

Happy Ending Happy Motivations…….

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