#2# Kids Rocked Mummy Shocked#

The first day of April (i.e; 1stApril) I think everyone is well acquaintances with this day may be for fool day or fun day or may be for another reason/s.

But for us (me and hubby) this day has its own importancy. We both wait eagerly for April 1st every year.

Yes, on this day my daughter come home for two months holiday after a long ten months gap. Since she studies in boarding school. These two months are very blissful for us.

This year my niece also came for spending some holidays with us. My daughter and my niece are in the same school.

They both were happily enjoying the days by watching their favourite serial on TV, reading books,( J K Rowling, Enid Blyton, Sudha Murthy, R K Narayana are some of their favourite writers), sometimes by going mall, sometimes getting up late in the morning etc.etc. …

I being a mother was always been swiftly ready in their services. But mother is mother.

It works icing on the cake when a mother is a Teacher too. So out of habit it was intolerable for me to seeing the kids enjoying twenty-four hours, the whole day without learning or studying anything. Using my so called great knowledge I frequently asked some questions or lecturing them in any topic in between their entertainment schedule thinking will work like Tempering.

In our indian cuisine Tempering has its own importancy since it is not only a taste enhancer but it has health benefits also.

Always been running in my mind how the get them engaged in studying and learning something, not thinking this whether they would be feel happy or unhappy with this practice. At time my daughter use to tell Mumma do you know anything else other than two things (eating and studying). Everytime you only ask read read read study study study that’s it.

Awww…..hh I took a long breath…

In this link out of my habit one day I had asked them about the earth and it’s surface.

At once I heard that my daughter is murmuring something like Tala,Tala,Tala,Tala,Tala…… My so called intelligence and hearing sense arose out of curiosity and trying to listen what she has been murmuring.

I asked her Oh my baby what you are chanting share with me.

She told Mumma there are seven kind of down lokas down to our earth and their names are:






6.Rasatal &

7.Patal .

In one breath she spoke all seven lokas in a rythemic way.

Oh I see, I asked then in which loka we are living? My niece was also there and listening all the conversations very interestingly. She interfere and told Pinni (aunty) it’s Bhu loka. Appreciating them I said very good.

It is the impression of their school that they are having a sound knowledge of mythology and the reason of their curiosity for the mythology. She asked me Pinni where is then Swarg Loka ?

Hmmmm…… I took a long breath. A big question which I too didn’t knew very neatly. Then seeing her curiosity now it was my duty to quench thirst by giving answer to their question.

I started hunting for the answer and recalled up my philosophical, my mythological, my epic, and last but not least Google knowledge.

Due to my mother and my Appa (grandmother) I too have a little sound knowledge of mythology. As my Appa always used to tell us some stories or some chantings to make us sleep.

Any how altogether found out the answer. I explained them…see according to our hindu mythology there are fourteen lokas in total. Among which seven are above our realm and seven are beneath the realm.

The below you already have been knew. The above seven are as follows:

1. Satya loka

2.Tap loka

3. Jana loka

4. Mahar loka

5.Swarg loka

6.Bhuvar loka &

7.Bhu loka……..where we live. And I explained them one by one who all are exist in all other lokas.

I said but in general we talk only about three lokas viz; Swarg Loka, Bhu loka and Patal loka.

Oh, very nice Pinni nodded her head with a pleasent smile. I was feeling proud of myself thinking…..Oh! I explained well. Yes, today my kids got some knowledge and tapped own back.

I turned into my household chores.

At once my niece came to me and asked Pinni……one thing is not cleared to me… I said what ? She told Pinni as per your knowledge if a person did wrong deeds in his life then he would have been sent to the Hell..mean Patal loka and for good deeds in Swarg Loka. Isn’t it ?

I said yes !

Why so ? This is not right she exclaimed!

What’s wrong with this ? These rules are made by almighty. I again explain them about Chitragupta and other deities.

She said Pinni…all these okay but one dilemma !!! What I asked?

After the death with good deeds a man goes to Swarg loka which exist only one layer after Bhuvar loka and if he commits anything wrong goes to Patal loka (Narkam) which is seven layer below our realm. Do you not think this is not right? A huge difference between punishment and reward. She said.

I staggered. Since I didn’t knew what to tell.

This time Mummy Shocked…&.. Kids Rocked…

I told them see I don’t know why is this discrimination but now what you people want. Good deed or bad deed.

Swarg loka or Patal loka. Both were enjoying the topic and both together laughed and told whatever swarga is good only.

I too laughed and said ohky kids tomorrow I’ll be with new topic.

My daughter and my niece were seeing to each other as they were happily accepted my offer.

Happy reading, Happy learning, Happy vacations…..

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